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Do you have a web site or any representation on the Internet?

If No, CLICK HERE to find out how we can make you a page, or pages, or a full web site, get you linked to Surfinfo and get your business accessing our thousands of visiting surfers.

If Yes, the Surfinfo option that you need to make that web presence have value for you is the:

Hot Link

We can help you increase the traffic to your site massively... in 1999 we had over a million hits on Surfinfo ... in 2001 we exceeded 2.66 million, in 2002 we scored more than four million ...

... those hits have built progressively over the years, and now represent thousand surfers every day looking for a web site/web page just like yours.

They’re not coming in to find a surf report, or a surf cam, they’re coming for information on companies and products.

And they can find that company or product in a maximum of two clicks ...

In addition to what you have already on your listing in Surfinfo (your name, address and phone number), email address (live linked) etc, skype address, fax number ... and alongside that we place your logo in full colour.

Your company/product name and the Web address on the listing, plus the logo are ALL live linked to your web site/web page.

Surfers come into Surfinfo, click over to the category your listing is in, they cruise down the listing and when they come to your logo, they click on it and Zap! they’re instantly in your site.

And it only costs $275 pa. (includes $25GST)

You can’t get an ad in the local newspaper as cheap as that ... and you can be found by anyone in the World.

So, you may ask, why link to us?

We work hard to promote Surfinfo. That produces hits for you and therefore sales to your company.

Surfinfo is seeded into over 5,000 search engines worldwide ... we have access to intelligent software that checks our listings and re-enters us as necessary. Because our content is so massively about Australian surf businesses we list on the front page of Google on most generic searches.

Surfinfo has had articles in national and local papers; and we have photos taken by us in various surfing magazines under the photo credits Surfinfo and ...

Surfinfo has every country that has surf hitting on us every single month!

If you have a presence on the Net, for the cost of a few Chinese meals linking to Surfinfo can mean the difference between whether the money you’ve ALREADY invested actually works.

Email: now for more details, or to arrange the link. All you have to say is Yes, and we take it from there.

As soon as your cheque arrives here, or you use our credit card facilities, you’re linked to THE portal into surfing in Australia..

Surfinfo is THE entity that exists to help all web sites in surfing be accessed by the thousands of people scouring the Internet for information ... and to make purchases.

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How to get a web page or web site through Surfinfo

If you are an Australian surfing business, do know you are already listed in Surfinfo?

Your name, address and phone number are already listed and it has cost you absolutely nothing.

Any businesses not listed, please CLICK HERE NOW to email us your info, and we’ll add you straight in.

The next step is to get a web site or a web page that allows you to get some of the business your competitors who are already on the Net are generating.

If you could do this cost effectively would you be interested?

We can build you, say a six page web site for around $1,500, (there is a few hundred on top of that for external costs, which we can help you sort through).

or we can build a web page for just $375pa... no extra costs, no monthly fees, pay once, anyone anywhere in the World can access it....

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Full Page Option: $375

For $375 we build a web page that is linked to Surfinfo via a logo on the directory for a full twelve months.

The page consists of the logo, a photo or two, plus about 100 words (if it goes over a little over that, it is still OK.)

(If you have an idea of how you would likeyour page to look you can suggest it – if there’s a problem with what you ask for we’ll let you know before we go any further.)

This will give you a page which can be accessed either through the directory/ies its placed in, or without the web surfer even coming in through ...)

Then the renewal in twelve months time is just a Hot Link @ $275.

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Mega Page Plan: $550

The same deal exactly as the Full Pages, except more graphics/photos/logo etc allowed, and more words...

The renewal in twelve months time is just a Hot Link @ $275.

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Web Sites. Approx $275 per page

This gives you a web site with your own domain name eg...

In the last 10 years we’ve made websites for Gorilla Grip, Channel Islands, Kulu Atoll, Swivel Fins, Surf Trader, Turbo Bodyboards, Mez Bodyboards, Voodoo Dolls, Donut Surfboards, Newport Plus, Mona Vale Boardriders, Australian Surfing Photography Awards, etc ...

We can build you a web site for just $275 per page (includes $25 GST) ... on top of that you have external costs (see FAQs)

(On the net, a page isn’t just an A4 page ... it is whatever length is necessary or useful, eg. our directory pages could be metres long ... but that’s because they’re mostly type, which uses very little memory, and small graphics. Plus the scrolling nature of the pages works fine for our lists.)

A page showing product, or showing team riders, etc has to load up fast ... therefore it can’t be so big that surfers click off rather than wait for the download.

The navigation ... that is, the method and planning of moving around the website has to be simple, has to work, and has to reflect the company’s style.

A web site promoting a company or product should allow the surfer to get to what they want quickly, while at the same time still presenting the image of that company.

A web site normally consists of a homepage, which has your navigation buttons or whatever on it, which then allows a surfer to click off to pages such as:

Product, however many pages are needed
About Us can be company bonafides, history, staff, contacts, etc
Order Form with online order form, including credit card etc facilities
Team riders, photos/profiles
News, from your company’s perspective ... update it yourself or let us help you
Photo Gallery, photos of your team, factory, etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any question not answered here, stick on an email to me, you’ll have the answer the next day, or ring us on 02 9997 2657 for an immediate reply.

What are the external web site costs?

1. Domain name (URL)....

you can get your URL yourself online if you like at for about $150 for two years, (be armed with credit card to pay and BSN or ACN number that relates to the URL you are after) or for a small charge, we will do it for you.

The other external costs are dependant on (and charged by) whoever you choose as your local ISP (Internet Service Ozemail, TPG, Optus, bigpond (yeech) etc):

2. Hosting of the domain name, could be around $100 pa

3. Providing web space for the site, ranges from $0 - $50 pm

If you already have an ISP you are using for Internet access you may have free web space available...check with the ISP....these arrangements change for each person in the same way as mobile phone accounts have to be individual depending upon usage, area, etc.... it’s nothing to do with Surfinfo.

What are the advantages of being on the Net for:

Surfboard makers?

Anyone anywhere in the World can find out what you're about, and how to order from you ... if you’ve an online order form the surfer can buy while online ... if you don’t have that facility they can contact you by whatever method you make available to them.


Build a customer database, see email advantages.

Promote what you sell locally, run a News section with local club results etc ... get locals into the habit of checking your pages for News, then you can promote Sales, New Product/Ranges when available, etc


Present to the World

Build customer database

Present new variations etc

What form is artwork to be supplied in?

The Internet only transmits at 72 dpi (dots per inch) therefore almost anything is usable ... prints, magazine tearsheets, posters ... we can take files from both PC and Mac formats, zipdrives,. CDs, or you can scribble it all on a bit of paper...

Why do I need email?

This seems a naff section now, but in 1998, when we first went live, email was not everywhere like it is now ... we had to convince people about the advantages. So unless you are still a liuuddite, jump this section ...

If you have email, anyone anywhere in the world can email you right then and there with an enquiry or an order ... it costs them nothing ... it costs you nothing ...

once they’ve sent you an email you can then add them to your customer database.

When someone is sent an email message, the sender’s return email address is sitting there on screen ... you just add it to your email Address Book. Then, on most email programs, you click on NEW LIST, or GROUP EMAILS and a box comes up which you name, say, CUSTOMER DATABASE ... from your address book you drag the addresses in and there you have a CUSTOMER LIST ready to go.

When you want to send a message out to everyone in that list you don’t have to send individual emails, you just produce one, then you put CUSTOMER LIST in the TO: field and they all get it, simultaneously!

Secure Sites vs Unsecured sites

A Secure site means that special encryption coding is used so that a hacker can't access the information on credit card numbers etc and rip them off.

If people are still unsure about sending credit card details etc online then we often tell them to print out the order form and send it by whatever means they like.

Can we make changes to our site/page?

Our basic charge for changes is $110 per hour, with a $55.00 minimum. Note: those changes are only to the full and mega pages as we have to make the changes.

Websites: We deliver the website onto your server, therefore you can do whatever you want to it ...

... if you can write html (hypertext markup language) or have html software, you can change your own pages/site at your whim.

Or you can send the changes you require to us and we'll make the changes for you.

If I get a page now, and a website say six months later, do I have to pay again for the link to Surfinfo?

The link to Surfinfo (which is a part of the purchase of a page) is for 12 months, so long as the linking logo doesn’t change we re-direct the link to the new website address as supplied, at no charge.

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