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Bruce Channon began work in the surf industry around 1966-67, while still in school, taking surfboard orders on commision for Bill Wallace Surfboards. Over the following years he became finish-coater for Ron Wade and Midget Farrelly, glasser/co-owner of Blyth/Channon Surfboards, glasser for Keyo and Geoff McCoy Surfboards, contributing cinematographer on A Winters Tale and Bob Evans’ 1973 film, Drouyn.

In 1975 Bruce started working at Surfing World Magazine, and over the next 24 years he worked with Hugh McLeod as photographer/co-editor/co-owner.

When the Channon/McLeod partnership sold Surfing World in1997, Bruce realised his position in the Australian surf industry was unique, and the fledging Internet provided a medium for all the contacts gathered over the last 30-something years. He worked for almost six months building the database that became Surfinfo.com.au, launched in 1998. This web site has a simple and honest role ... visitors can find every surfing company that exists in Australia, and surf companies have a way of allowing those visitors to find them!

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Now you can go to the front page of and find every Australian surfing company from our pulldown menus.

To find a company, click on the relevent name, such as Surfboards, Accessories, or in Style you will find Clothing, Shoes, etc ... and you are straight into the directory which displays a scrolling list containing EVERY SINGLE COMPANY in Australia that pertains to that category.

Then if the company you're interested in has a web site, you can click on their name, their web address, or their logo and any of these will link you into their web site.

doesn’t aim to be a ezine and replace magazines and videos - the joy of reading printed paper will never be replaced by a computer screen.

But we’ll put you in touch with every single Australian surf company.

If we fall short on any contacts you require, just let us know by email and we’ll include them during our regular updates.

Surf Companies

If you have a surfing based business the news is even better as Surfinfo can help you promote your product worldwide.

You can do this at a basic level free of charge, or you can pay a small amount per year for access to the thousands of surfers who, like you, visit this web site.

For more info on how your business can be a part of just click in here for our SURF BUSINESS OPTIONS.

Update Listings

Of course we can’t be all over the nation every day, so when companies and shops come-and-go, we need your feedback.

Please contact us if you have a new Australian-based surf company, and supply us with your name, address and and phone number.This listing is free.

Or, if you know a company or shop no longer exists, please let us know ... we’ll then remove them to keep everything in Surfinfo as up-to-date as possible.


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